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Beforehand and as a side …

Hearty Beef Broth
with vegetables and a slice of crusty Alm bread    4,90

Soup of sun ripened Tomatoes
with baguette    5,40

Pot of homemade Goulash Soup
with crusty Alm bread    7,20

Bavarian Sausage Salad
little spicy, with pearl onions, fresh herbs, radish, vinegar and oil,
served with crusty Alm bread and butter    9,20
plus cheese    10,80

Mixed Bread Basket
with homemade dips    5,40

2 x Pretzel Tree
with homemade dips    6,20

Baked Camembert
with cranberries and oven-fresh baguette    8,50

Big Garden Salad
seasonal salads, homemade balsamic dressing, oven-fresh baguette and cranberries
with breaded fried chicken strips    12,90

Hearty Treats

Mountain Farmer Cutlet
– The favourite dish of our guests –
pork cutlet with onions, bacon and fried egg, served with hearty fried potatoes    16,90

Viennese style Pork cutlet 
with chips    13,90

Huntsman style Pork cutlet
with mushroom cream sauce and potato dippers    15,90

Veal meat Loaf  
served with onion bacon sauce, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes       13,50

Pork Knuckle
salted knuckle with tender pink meat with beer sauce, served with bread dumpling and bacon sauerkraut    17,90

Pub Meatball 
with fried onions, creamy savoy cabbage and mashed potatoes    10,80

We recommend to go with it:
Crispy garden salad
with homemade dressing    3,90

Alm Treats & Fish

Alm curried sausage with chips    8,90

Fried fish
with remoulade, homemade mayonnaise potato salad and side salad    13,50

Our Burgers – made with love

100 % juicy beef in crusty bun, with burger sauce,
cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and gherkin        12,50

Crispy Chicken Burger
in curried bun, with mango sauce, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions and lettuce    10,90

Knuckle Burger
tender knuckle meat in lye bun, with fig mustard, appenzeller cheese and coleslaw    10,20

Order your favourite sides according to your mood:
Chips    2,90
Fried potatoes    2,90
Potato dippers with sour cream    3,50
Baked potato with sour cream    4,50
Crispy side salad    3,90

Juicy Steaks

Juicy Rump steak 250 g
our classic with a lot of taste    19,50

Spare Ribs 600 g
with homemade dips    14,50

We recommend to go with it:
Crispy garden salad
with balsamic dressing    3,90

To go with it on top:
Pepper sauce    1,90
Herb butter product    1,00
Fried onions    1,20
Chips    2,90
Fried potatoes    2,90
Potato dippers with sour cream        3,50
Baked potato with sour cream    4,50
Coleslaw    2,50

Something sweet

served with stewed plums and vanilla sauce    8,50

Freshly baked Apple Strudel
with raisins, served with vanilla sauce    5,60

Fruits of the forest Cup
vanilla ice cream, raspberry ice cream, raspberries, blueberries and cream    7,20

Giotto Chocolate Cup
chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, stracciatella ice cream and giotto balls,
chocolate sauce and cream    6,70

Iced chocolate    4,40

Iced coffee    4,40

Kids Cup “Waffle Monster”
2 scoops of ice cream of your choice and cream        3,50

our ice creams: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, walnut, stracciatella or raspberry 

You can get the vanilla ice cream also lactose-free.